Posted May 4, 2017 by Aquil Small in Music Video


What is it that Shel Bailey cannot do?

From rapping to acting and even poetry there is almost anything the talented Shel Bailey can do.

It’s been over a decade now that Bailey has blessed the world with his talent. In his new project   Crazy Joey the MC is inspired Crazy Joey, a Brooklyn gangster whose life ended in a public assassination Joey was a rebell.

The video gives you that original Hip Hop essence of New York. With bright graffiti in the background and true lyrics all in one you can only be pleased with this new flick.

This king explains to us throughout the video you can catch a body for cheap in these New York streets but there is always a follow up for your actions.

Shel left a message for the young and old. “Don’t get caught up. Understand the consequences of our actions. I see a lot of us in ” the street life. ” I see a lot of us in prison and killed unnecessarily. I could blame “the man” but I rather take responsibility for our own lives. We have to care and be aware.”

Take the time to check out Shel Bailey’s latest video Crazy Joey. The brother is going bar for bar in this video and must I say the production is phenomenal.