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Interview: Drew James and Lil’ Waah discuss new generation of Ruff Ryders, touring and more

Ruff Ryders new generation Photos: Courtesy of the label; Drew James (left) and Lil’ Wahh (right)

In a recent interview with Drew James and Lil’ Waah, I learned about the new direction of Ruff Ryders, and how the iconic record label plans to get a piece of the pie that Millennials and Generation Z bake. Drew James, a Toronto, Canada-native musician started making music in 2005. Three years after, he submitted a demo to the label. On the call, he mentioned that he ran down on the label’s CEO Joaquin “Waah” Deen whenever he was in New York City.

“It took from 2008 to 2016 of me running down on him in the studio,” explained James.

I guess his story is a testament to persistence working out for him. He has a new song out called “Paper Chase.” Based on the description he shared, it is a song inspired by his life.

When I asked Lil’ Waah to describe what his music is like, he said:

“It’s for the people that want to dance [and] have a good time.”

He added,

“It’s also to send a message if I need to. I’m trying to work with the new generation.”

I could hear the family vibe and apt camaraderie, so I asked them about their friendship.

“You guys seem like you’re good friends. Is that the truth?”

“This is my brother,” James replied.

“We’ve known each other for a while. We’ve known each other for like nine years. To elaborate on that, Lil’ Waah and I haven’t recorded music together yet. We’ve been in the studio countless times together, but we haven’t made anything. There’s an age gap, but we talk like brothers.”

There will be more on the horizon from Drew James and Lil’ Waah. Until then, watch the videos below for “Paper Chase” and “Dab N Dip.” Then, catch them, and Quadir Lateef and Lee Mazin on tour.

Both tracks are on the Ruff Ryders compilation album (‘Past, Present and Future’) out on April 21st. The new generation will perform live at the Barclay’s and BB King’s this week at the Ruff Ryders reunion tour/20th anniversary show.

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