Posted March 20, 2017 by Richardine Bartee in Music

J Scienide Ft. Kev Brown ‘Ghetto’ [Audio]

J Scienide's "Ghetto" featuring Kev Brown cover art

On what sounds like a blip from Wu-Tang’s vast collection, J Scienide, and Kev Brown joined forces to make a short song called, “Ghetto.” As the hook suggests, no one is smiling. If my theory proves me right, it is because hard life isn’t a joke. In the ghetto, some people are hungry (not enough income to feed their children and themselves), unemployed (by choice or due to systemic racism), and don’t have resources to make a change in their lives. Equipped with masterful cuts by DJ Jon Doe, hear the new track produced by Washington, DC-based rapper-producer J Scienide now below.

According to a press release that I received, “Ghetto” is the B-side to the 7-inch coming soon on the Official Crate Music label. Stay tuned for “The Actual Heat LP.”

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