Posted March 13, 2017 by Rocko Rathon in Music

NIQLE NUT ‘Prove I Love You’ [Audio]

NIQLE NUT is back at it, once again proving he’s one of the more consistent and dedicated artists in the underground right now. When we last checked in with NIQLE NUT, he was dropping bangers week after week, and now with ‘Prove I Love You’, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Though NIQLE’s viscous flows may make you move to this song as if it’s another banger, you should take a second and third listen to this song just to digest the lyrics.

‘Prove I Love You’ is one of the more realistic, sad, and striking songs of NIQLE NUT’s rapidly growing discography, but also fits right into the current landscape of music where every artist needs to prove their versatility. NIQLE once again takes to his excellent storytelling ability to give off an even more intense picture to the listener, in fact proving how multi-dimensional he is. If this track has you moving to it like it’s a banger, that’s also due in part to the booming production by Trippy T. The deep chords underneath dancing keys and NIQLE NUT’s bold and smooth vocals make for a great mixture, and the sampled “oohs” bring the production back to a level very fitting for the concept of this song.