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M.O. Rich Talks About Why He Started Rapping, New Mixtape and More


Brooklyn M.C M.O Rich took the time out of his day to discuss with us the meaning of his name, how he went from being a Reggae DJ to rapping, his upcoming mixtape and more. Check out the interview below and check out M.O. Rich’s latest video for his single “Pass/Down.”

ThatsEnuff: What does the M.O. in your name stand for?

M.O. Rich: M.O. stands for Modus Operandi which is the latin term for the method of operation. Basically on the streets when I was younger everybody used to call me M.O. and in stuck with me. So when I started making music I went by M.O. Rich, my last name is actually Richards so I shortened it and said you know what, M.O Rich. That’s my M.O out here to get rich. It just fit.

ThatsEnuff: You started off as a Reggae DJ. Then you transitioned to producing hip-hop records. What made you start producing and was it a difficult transition?

M.O. Rich: When you DJ Reggae records in the dancehall, 9 times outta 10 you have a lot of the same Dj’s on the same rhythm. I eventually got to the point where I wanted to make the music that people party to. At that particular point, I started to get into it. I transitioned into hip-hop by way of friends that were into rap.

ThatsEnuff: From producing you started rapping? Why did you decide to jump from behind the board to behind the mic?

M.O. Rich: I started producing then I went into management before I started rapping. People used to tell me I could do it, but I wanted to be behind the scenes. In the process of managing, I invested money into artists and we started to get certain places. Eventually though if something happens and an artists doesn’t see what they want quickly enough they tend to jump ship, but I already invested x amount of cash into it. I can’t put a gun to somebody’s head and tell them to come back even if were right on the cusp of getting a deal, which was one of the things that happened. I was going through some things a couple of years ago, I had some stuff on my chest. I had a track I produced I spit something on it, my mans came he spit something on it. We put it out, it was nothing major, we just did it to do it and people liked the way it sounded. So I said you know what if I’m going to do it again, I’m going to invest in me I’m going to get behind the mic because I know I’ll work and see it through till the end. I don’t knock anything, though. I just figured that all the years before that I was doing production and management allowed me to look at the business from a different light because most artists see it from an artistic perspective. I know what it takes as a manager to get you certain gigs and also I as a producer what it takes to bring the best out of an artist.

ThatsEnuff: You’re gearing up to drop your first self-titled mixtape. Are you producing the entire project?

M.O. Rich: Most of it I produced. It’s co-produced by one of my mans that I used to do a lot of studio work with. A majority of it is what I would call I don’t want to say New York hip-hop but I do a little bit more sampling on the mixtape more so than anything because that’s the era I like. I get to stretch myself from what people are hearing now from the singles that are out now. I get to show another side of me. My mixtape is going to be more of me producing and me rhyming, but the singles I mostly be doing the rapping while it’s produced by the People Republic of Sound or one or two other people.

ThatsEnuff: Do you find it difficult focusing on both producing and rapping?

M.O. Rich: The transition yes, to some degree because when I used to produce I used to get my energy from the MC or whoever I was working with that’s what inspired me. Now transitioning to an artist it was hard for me to produce for myself because I always thought of other people when I was producing. As an artist I’m inspired by the producer, but when I was a producer I was inspired by the creative part of an MC that’s what help me to create. So now I’m trying to find the balance for me to inspire myself.

ThatsEnuff: You dropped a video for the first two singles “Pass” & “Down”? Will you be releasing more videos and will they all be related to each other?

M.O. Rich: Definitely looking to drop another video and single early next year. More than likely January I will put out another single and another video in February. Right now I’m just concentrating on this particular record and get it into all the DJ’s hands and kind of getting it moving forward.

ThatsEnuff: You recently pushed back the mixtape. Why did you decide to push it back and will the tape be extended pass 8 tracks?

M.O. Rich: I pushed it back because I wasn’t 100% confident about the project coming out first. So basically I said let me just put out the singles and let “Pass” and “Down” be my big introduction to the world and then I’ll drop the mixtape after I drop the third single. I want people to see in my best element on my singles and then on my mixtape people to see the growth see me on samples doing something different than what they hear, but still another part of me. I just didn’t feel like the mixtape would be the best introduction for me just yet. I figure I put my best foot forward and then let everybody else get to know me through the mixtape.

ThatsEnuff: Will there be any features on the project?

M.O. Rich: My man D he’s outta 10Grands from Queens. Right now that’s the only feature on the project and possibly my man Cesstar from down in Florida. He sent me a joint and we might be working on something else. I figure if you gonna bring out something as a new artist let people get into you. A lot of artists nowadays seem to have this mindset, that you need a cosign from somebody else. People are buying into you because you got a record with someone else. You need to show them who you are, show them you can make a complete project. Let them get into you first. Once you build your name and your standing on your own then you can move forward and collaborate with someone else. Drive your bus don’t try to drive someone else’s bus.

ThatsEnuff: Are you going to be dropping anything else before Modus Operandi drops?

M.O. Rich: We got a new single that I’m partially done with called “WFT” dropping in January or February. Once “Pass/Down” starts moving I’m gonna drop “WFT.” Then we gonna hit the road with some shows that’s the plan.

ThatsEnuff: When can we expect Modus Operandi to be released?

M.O. Rich: As it stands right now Spring 2017. That’s what were shooting for maybe earlier, but no later than Spring 2017 so like March, April at the latest.

ThatsEnuff: Is there anything you would like to add?

M.O. Rich: The single is out “Pass/Down” on every platform, the video is out now. I hope that everybody will go check it out, I tried to be as creative as possible so I’m hoping everybody loves the visuals. Basically just lookout for more projects from M.O. Rich, the mixtape is called Modus Operandi, the singles are going to follow behind it and where going to keep working hard let the people hear what we’ve been doing.