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Interview: Lil Ronny MothaF Talks Fan Reception, New Video Concept & More

Dallas-native artist Lil Ronny MothaF completed a recent press run in New York. We didn’t get to sit down face-to-face, this time, like in the past, but we interviewed about his label, new video concept, his reception in Dallas and other cities. Read the interview below and watch his new video below.

Lil Ronny MothaF

Richardine: The last time we saw each other, you were in town promoting the label, Dirty Water Music Group. For those people who are not familiar with the label, let them know the significance of the upstart? Why the name “Dirty Water”?

Ronny: Yeah, we were all out as a label, artist as well as producers. We were pushing our movement. And Dirty Water comes from the fact that the label was jump started in the Bay Area.

How has life been since you released “Circle”? What are the differences between then and the release of “Up In The Air”? Do you feel you reaching more people now? Do you feel any different – creatively, mentally or physically?

Life has been a tad Bit Easier from the standpoint of actually talking to DJs and going to radio stations. It’s much easier when they’re familiar with some of your work more so than being a new artist. The difference between then and now is business savvy and structure within the team. Yeah, I do feel like I’m reaching more people. I’m venturing into markets that my music was never known in. And creatively, I feel like a hit machine. All day, everyday, I have ideas pouring out of my brain.

I realized your name is starting to appear as “Lil Ronny” instead of “Lil Ronny MothaF”, and the name of your smash single is simply referred to as “Circle,” was that choice made eliminate limitations? To reach a larger audience?

Nope, nope, nope. My name is Lil Ronny MothaF. MothaF is a must to put with the Lil Ronny in front of it.

Your physical form in your “Up In The Air” video is that of a man who can really dance, naturally. Have you won any dance contests in the past? What or who is ‘Stay Live’?

I actually used to [be a] full-fledged dance[r]. I may be kinda rusty now but I used to be the truth. And “Stay Live” is a dance group based out of Fort Worth, Texas that has made a impact on our metroplexes club scene.

Tell me a little about the direction of the video, were you involved in the story boarding? What made you want to channel E.T.? How long did it take to shoot the video?

It took three days, and yes it was between me and the director “AlphaMale Visual.” We just wanted to give the world a classic fun video again because the rap game is clearly missing it. The E.T. scene was basically a metephorical image of something going up in the air.

What is the reception like for the single at home? Elsewhere?

Back home, it’s already a classic and elsewhere, it’s so easy to break they have no choice but to sing along.

Where can we find more of you and your equally beautiful dimes?

Come to Dallas, Texas, where it’s all nice and pretty.

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