Posted March 30, 2016 by Unique in Women Empowerment

11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Makes Millions From Lemonade [Photo]


11-year-old Mikaila Ulmer just landed a mega contract with Whole Foods. Mikaila started her lemonade stand Bee Sweet Lemonade back in 2009. While building up her company Mikaila was continuously stung by bees so her mom decided to teach Mikaila about bees and why the world needs them.

It was than that the mother/daughter duo decided to use honey for the sweetener in their lemonade inside of sugar and artificial ingredients. They also decided her business would operate from a socio-economic perspective, ensuring a portion of the proceeds goes to saving the honeybees.

Mikaila later appeared on Shark Tank where she secured a $60K investment from Daymond John. When asked how she feels about all of this, Mikaila said

“I want to help save the bees, and use my great-grandmother Helen’s lemonade recipe.”

So when life hands you lemons, make millions.

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