Posted January 12, 2016 by Miss CoCo in Global

Transformation Tuesday: 6 Years Since Haiti’s Devastating Earthquake

Today marks the sixth year Anniversary of Haiti’s deadly earthquake which killed about 316,000 people and injured another 300,000 people. Its aftermath left 1.5 million Haitians homeless. So how has this country transformed in the past 6 years?

Of that 1.5 Million homeless about 50,000 people are still displaced and living in relief housing or with family members. Not bad for a third world country with hard to build terrain. A new construction code has also been put in place to try and help some of the structures that should have held up during the natural disaster. Inventions such as a compatible electrocardiogram also-known-as an EKG have been invented by student who 6 years ago went to Haiti to volunteer their time.

Last year ThatsEnuff showed their remembrance in form of a Hotbox. You know how we do it here! Check out our Special Edition Hotbox commemorating all the Zoes. Special thank you to; Creole Singer Phyllisia Ross, Comedian Buddy Billz and DJ OK.


Photo credit: Theguardian.com