Posted December 28, 2015 by Unique in Heavy Hitters

Hennessy Celebrates Heavy Hitter DJ Nonstop 20 Years In The Music Industry [Photo]

On Saturday, December 26 , Team Hennessy Latino member, Ruben Trejo, had a dinner (Privilege Toast) to honor Heavy Hitter, Mario “DJ Nonstop ” Nieves celebrating over 20 years in the music industry at Nacional 27 in Chicago. DJ Nonstop spins at local radio station WGCI and is the official DJ of recording artist DMX . DJ Nonstop and has also been a member of and toured with the group K-7 , on top of being on stages around the world representing the most powerful DJ group The Heavy Hitters. DJ Nonstop and his guests enjoyed Hennessy Privilege cocktails like the Hennessy Privilege Passion Fruit , Hennessy Privilege Mango, and Hennessy Privilege Mojito and plenty lof delicious food served by talented chefs at Nacional 27. DJ Nonstop also made a toast to the recently deceased DJ, friend, and co-worker DJ Timbuck 2, and reminded everyone to celebrate life while we can.