Posted November 30, 2015 by Marie-D in Women Empowerment

WBLS’ Deja Vu Talks Women Empowerment, Hustle Her & Spirituality At 2015 Ween Awards


In celebration of women empowerment last week at the 2015 WEEN Awards, LadiSav caught up with WBLS very own Deja Vu. You know the very bubbly radio personality that gets your day going, ‘Sister Girl’! Yup, that’s her! Deja is not only known for her work on radio, but she is also a life coach, author of ‘Live Your Life: Transformed & Re-purposed’ and founder of Hustle Her. She helps women redefine their purpose by providing them with the tools they need to help achieve their goals.

Deja Vu dished out on the importance of women empowerment, spirituality and so much more during the interview! One of the questions that was asked, is how important is women empowerment in the entertainment industry?

“In the entertainment industry, it is very important because in various fields you are going to see a huge disparity between the men and women in the work place and in leadership. So we have to come together and empower each other. Even when it comes down to the music, we have to make sure that we are covering each other and making sure that we are cool with one another. Even based on the lyrical content of the songs we play at WBLS. We have to make sure that our Sisters are being taken care of. Each one, teach one, we are building each other up.”

Watch the full interview below: