Posted October 20, 2015 by Tabby T in Music Video

Pharaoh Da Gawd Releases Visual To ‘Superrr Ugly’ [Video]

The Long Island native is back at it again with his latest video off of his 3 day old EP  entitled ‘Superrr Ugly’.  With the setting of hotel rooms, and raving on NYC streets surely complements the track and gives off the true essence of who Pharaoh The Gawd is as an artist.

Check out the dope visual below, and be sure to l;eave your thoughts and comments. 


New York lyricist Pharaoh The Gawd is back at it again with his 3rd EP this year entitled “Superrr Ugly”. With 10 tracks on the EP Pharaoh displays his emotional yet hardcore, gritty sound shows another level of growth and comfort in his music. This time around he’s reflecting on his accomplishments, down falls, and inspirations. Although the term “ugly” is often used in a derogatory term Pharaoh flips it and turns it into a word of endearment U.G.L.Y (Understand God Loves You).

Check out the full EP ‘Superrr Ugly’  by clicking HERE.