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Musiq Soulchild Drops His Philosophy Of Peace x Love And Introduces His New Persona Purple Wondaluv [Editorial]

A few months ago Musiq SoulChild introduced the world to his alter musical self “The Husel,”an artist persona that was more of a representation of a state-of-mind. Although his Husel persona was meet with mixed reviews from fans who were us to the neo-soul artist that is Musiq, he explained to ThatEnuff.com the purpose of it all.

“The thing about what I’m doing is actually a part of an entire project. I’m calling it ‘The Persona Project’, and I’m gone’ be releasing other ones. That’s why I’m like ‘why y’all stuck on this? It’s really not that deep’. Like right after this Husel thing, I’m gone be doing different ones, with a different name, a different sound. So I’m starting with this, I’m really trying to get somewhere. This is just the first step.”

About 3-4 months later, as promised, Musiq introduced the world to yet another Persona from his “Persona Project.” This one by the name of Purple Wondaluv who is best described as a mix between Sade and Bob Marley. A persona that emulates the mantra of “Peace and Love” in a way that’s so deep its purpose is to help bring anyone out of that weird place we can all find ourselves in at times.

On August 19th after his performance at SOB’s for Sol Village Musiq SoulChild introduced the audience to his new persona who’s mellow vocals left you with a soothing feel after his set. After the show That’s Enuff ‘s Unee sat down with Musiq to talk about his new persona Purple Wondaluv.


Unee: Purple Wondaluv you said he’s a mix between Sade and Bob Marley, their sound musically, why those two people?

Musiq: When it came time to coming up with what I wanted Purple Wondaluv to sound like, I started from what I wanted it to feel like. I thought about all the different music that I’ve been exposed to since I’ve been on this planet. I kept coming back to Sade and Bob Marley. I want people to feel at least what I felt, what I hear people say throughout the years, they feel when they listen to Sade and Bob Marley. And then I was also curious what it would sound like if you tried to put those two sounds together. And then I did the song, “Time is Now” I feel like that was a cool interpretation of that and that actually helped to motivate the rest of the EP.

Unee: Okay, so ‘Time is Now’ is what gave birth to Purple Wondaluv and later Eternal Peace. So can you explain what the Eternal Peace EP is?

Musiq: It’s a project that I sort of put together in the hopes that it would serve as medicine, musical medicine for people who may be dealing with a whole number of things, but specifically internal things. Sometimes you get crazy thoughts sometimes you get bad feelings; my hope and intention is that this music will counteract that and bring you to a better place. Bring you out of that weird place we can all find ourselves in at times. And some people unfortunately can’t find their way out. So hopefully instead of subscribing to destructive means, so to speak, I’d rather them use music that is particularly designed to overcome that.

Unee: I get the Bob Marley feel from that. There’s a quote about music he says being the medicine, I can’t remember —

Musiq: Ohh you mean, “The one thing about music once it hits you feel no pain.” (repeats sings)

Unee: Yeah it’s like that!! As you were making this project did you listen to their music to find inspiration?

Musiq: No actually I didn’t. I didn’t on purpose because I didn’t want it to be a thing where I’m trying to sound like Sade, I’m trying to be Bob Marley. Everything I’ve done in inspiration of them I did it from memory, because I grew up listening to them — A LOT (exaggerated). I had a pretty hard life so I needed music to kind of bring me out of that weird place that us creative people can tend to find ourselves because we tend to overthink and overdwell. It just gets weird. (laughs)

Unee: So what’s the song that you listen to, to uplift your spirit no matter what?

Musiq: Stevie Wonder’s “Visions” on his album Innervisons. To me that is the greatest song ever recorded and you know it’s just no disrespect to anyone or any other song. Cuz’ there are a lot of other songs that I think may be technically better in some ways… arguably. But personally, yeah it doesn’t get any better than that song — for me. That.. you turn that on, I’m good.


Unee: Your EP’s about bringing people out of dark places. I know some people when they do EPs, each song there’s like a different message —

Musiq: They’re all actually variations of the same message.

Unee: What’s that?

Musiq: Peace and Love. Because I didn’t really have time to dig..

Unee: That deep into it?

Musiq: Yeah… This project happened like this (snaps fingers) a lot of, if not all the songs, i just went into the booth and whatever came to mind I just (ahhh). You know I kind of dusted it off to make it pretty for you guys, but for the most part whatever came to mind my thought was RIGHT and it felt necessary I just left it that way.

Unee: So the mantra Peace and Love is about finding inner peace and inner love for yourself?

Musiq: So you can share that with the rest of the world!

Unee: As a creative, do you feel you have to create different personas so people won’t box you in as one thing?

Musiq: Yes and No. Yes I have to because I don’t know how to not do it. However, not because I want people to stop boxing me in — people gonna do that till the end of time. I don’t even focus on that, I do it because it’s something that I was blessed to be able to do, for people who are not in a position to do it. I also do it because it is very therapeutic for me. We as creatives’ sometimes we have multiple timelines going on in our minds and sometimes some of us get lost. So I needed to compartmentalize. I needed to find out what everything was — I just chose to give them names and jobs.

Unee: That’s good…

Musiq: Yeah thank you, it’s either that or you know you might hear another story, “So In other news!” (laughs) Nah I don’t wan’t to be another statistic, I want to be an inspiration.