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Rap Artist Lusive Talks ‘The Interlude’ & Love For Music [Interview]

Lusive is ready to take this rap music to a whole different level with his energetic hip hop flow. His new single ‘Aint In My Way’ off his mixtape The Interlude showcases his life journey.

Lusive Ain't In My Way
His love for music was discover when he join a group while learning to play the piano and violin. Inspired by the legendary Bob Marley and Michael Jackson, Lusive is musically influenced by R&B, Blues, Classical and Pop. However, he describes his sound as Alternative Hip Hop. In a recent interview, Lusive talks his love for my music, his mixtape ‘The Interlude’ and new projects.

Read the highlights below.

When did you discover you love for music?

I started doing music at nine years old with a group. I was making beats and playing the piano. So I was into instruments. I was around my peers that was rapping a lot and that’s how I got into Hip Hop. At the age of 14 I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in rapping and that’s when the whole music thing came about.


How did you come up with the name Lusive?

When I was in the group, my name was Exclusive and I just happen to the first three letters out and became Lusive. I was more comfortable with Lusive because it described my music as an artist.

What type of music are you into?

I’m into all types of music but I listen to Sade, Michael Jackson, Tupac and Bob Marley. Those are actually my role models too. My style music I would say is Alternative Hip Hop.

How would you decribe you music and sound?

I describe my music as energetic. I also like to include a message within it. I am a Hip Hop fan at the end of the day. I know people like to move. So I like to make music that people can move to.

What are some of you music goals?

Number one it to be receptive to my audience and be able to put out music as long I want. I want to establish a label where I give artist an opportunity to expose their craft and own it. As for right now, I want make music my full-time career.

Are you currently working on music?

I just wrapped up this project called The Interlude. Which I’m going to drop very soon. I just release a single off of it called…… So that’s what I’ll be promoting. This mixtape has really good music.

What is the inspiration behind ‘The Interlude’?

The Interlude is summing up the last 3 years of my life. I was doing this project called the development and I was working on a body of music. I was going through things where my life was giving me that interlude. Like it’s another path, you don’t really get off the path but you have to go this way to learn certain things. So you can get back on track the right way.

Who are some of the artists you would like to work with in the future?

I would love to work Wyclef Jean and Lupe Fiasco. Oh and Dr. Dre because I am a west coast fan. I would love to work and connect with different producers.

Any new projects?

I just release the video to my new single ‘Aint In My Way’.

What advice would you give someone personing music?

You have to love what you do most importantly. And you have to have patience and determination at the same time.

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