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Event Recap: Isis Drew’s Album Listening Party! ‘Boyz Klub EP’ [ThatsEnuff Exclusive]

ThatsEnuff recently had the pleasure of traveling to the DMV to attend D.C.’s Isis Drew‘s listening event. The night was filled with musical performances by a few of Isis’s label MCR label-mates such as Relly Rell. The dope event took place in the heart of of downtown DC, on the rooftop as the sun set prominently over the skyline. Isis‘s supporters ranged from family, to friends, to business partners, fans, and a few of the city’s best in media.

After the shin-ding we got the opportunity to catch up with the musician, and get some background information about the project, Isis Drew as an artist & more! Check out the highlights below:

Who is Isis Drew the artist? 

Isis Drew the artist is basically a pop diva who is about making social statements expressible through my music.

How long has it been? Your music journey?

I’ve been an artist probably since I was the age of 5. My dad, he was a three-time apollo winner, so he went on tour with SWV, and from then, I just knew i wanted to do this. so i’ve been writing from since, maybe 10. And now I’m just like, i need to hone my craft, that’s when i started producing and i got a partner, and we partnered up to do the Domino Effect Label, and we’re now just trying to make this a reality.

On the inspiration behind ‘#BoyzKlubEP’:

The inspiration behind this album was basically…I call it “The cool kids”, not talking the privileged ones, Im talking everyone who finds themselves discouraged. My thought process was, I wanna express the woes of everybody.

Short term goals?

I want to start doing more shows, touring, just letting everybody from the states & out the states hear my music.


Long term?

I wanna continue touring, but i’d wanna start branching out with other artists off my label, and production, and writing for other artists. Writing is my passion, i write all day everyday!


Speaking of working with other artists, who would make your ideal collaboration?

TAYLOR SWIFT! (chuckles) I am such a Taylor Swift fan! Im such a fan because i love how she expresses exactly what she’s thinking through her music.


On the labeling herself to a genre:

I label myself as pop because majority of my music falls under that genre. But i would also say I’m EDM, I’m Hip-Hop, I’m a little RnB…I can fit into dub-step. I try to make…you know, music that everybody can relate to even if its under the umbrella of “pop music”. I try to throw in different elements and that why you hear me on some of my songs kinda rapping, because i want people to be able to relate to it even if they’re not a pop music listener. 


Biggest motivation throughout her journey: 

It would have to be my father. My father died about 5 years ago, he was extremely young, and he went through a lot of difficulties in the 90’s and getting into you know.. a lot of bad things while being on the road and he wasn’t able to fulfill his dream. Like, he got right there, and then it got derailed. So he’s basically my inspiration to not let anything derail me no matter how long it takes, just do what you have to do to get there. Unfortunately he died, and he’s not able to see what I’m doing, but he’s still my inspiration. I want to have somebody from my family that’s talented to live that dream.


Check out her latest single, & visual “Panda Bear”:


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