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Jordan Bratton Shares How He Discovered His Love For Music [Interview]

NYC singer Jordan Bratton is definitely on the rise! At nine-years-old Jordan knew he was destined to be a star when he took his talents to Broadway.

Jordan released his mixtape ‘The Grey Area’ in 2013 and has received a lot of praise for his talents and skills. From his poetic flow and powerful vocals, it was only a matter of time before RCA snagged him up. Meet songwriter and producer Jorden Bratton!

Who is Jordan Bratton?

I was born in Miami. I started out going to church with my mom and dad every Sunday. And that’s how I found my belief in God. So I definitely speak out about my beliefs and experiences and how it’s affected me.

When did you discover music as one of your passions?

I started writing hooks when I was like 14. And after that I got into beats. I went on tour at 14 and was making beats and sleeping. When I returned home I started making music.

Music was my escape when we was in school. I didn’t have a lot of friends. I wasn’t the most popular. So that was all that I would do.

Do you remember the first beat you worked on?

I do but I’m not going to say it though.

So you are currently signed with RCA right?

Yea. So I started making music until I signed to a management company and my awesome team. Together we started doing showcases for RCA. After a while it just seemed right. Without me having to say anything they just showed me mad love. I looked at that more than anything else because I want to be able to like the people l I’m doing business with.

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Who have you worked with so far?

I’ve worked with a few people. I actually worked on Bridget Kelly’s latest project. Top ten on iTunes so I am very pleased with that. I’m really trying to help other artist on the roster and get them going. Because I write and produce and it helps me realize the artist part of my brain.

You currently have a single titled ‘Danger’ ft. Fabolous. How was it like working with him?

He stopped by the studio I was working at. He played me some of his new stuff and I played him some of mines. And that’s how it went. You know he gave his opinion and I really respected what he was saying. He told me things may not take off right away it’s a process. And I respected that more. He showed me love and I showed him love. It was very organic.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the sunsets. I would drive home from the studio and I would get distracted by the sunlight. And I would pull over and watch the sunset. That and also movies. I would watch movies and be blown away.

Are you currently working on any future projects?

Right now, I’m currently working on the album. I have a title for the album but I don’t know when it’s coming out.

Are you going on tour?

Yes! I’m going on tour next month. It starts in Nashville and I am prepping for that.

Check out Jordan’s single ‘Danger’ ft Fabolous below: