Posted August 17, 2015 by Kristen Richards in Movies & TV

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’: I Do [Photos] [Videos]

Tonight (August 17, 2015) on ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ it started where it ended off. Jessica Dime had Margeaux perform “Start A War” at the show, Mimi put together, but things did not go well after the performance. See clip below.

Kalenna started singing again and using her music as therapy for her postpartum depression. Tony Vick listens in and let’s her know he wants to manage her music career again.

Stevie J went over to Mimi’s home to speak with her and Eva about moving to LA with him. Eva is excited about it, but Mimi has her concerns.

Margeaux goes to the gym to talk to Nikko about their last encounter when she told him she was seeing someone else. They sit down and she lets him know she is in love with a girl. He questioned her if that was the reason they were getting a divorce. She made it clear that was not the reason, but she’s happy she finally told him the whole truth.

Rasheeda had her grand opening of her store. A lot of her friends showed up and since she lend an invitation to Karlie Redd, she showed up. Karlie brings gift bags and also clears the air with Rasheeda.

Momma Dee is preparing to get married, but none of her kids are there yet. It’s almost show time and being worried that they won’t show up is an understatement on how she’s feeling.

At Stevie J and Joseline home, he still feels disrespected after she went behind his back to other music producers. As she’s preparing for her performance over at Gayborhood, he is writing her a heartfelt letter.

Wedding bells are ringing and Jasmine, Momma Dee daughter, arrives but Momma Dee is still waiting on Scrappy. She’s been stalling for long, so she ask if Yung Joc can walk her down the aisle. As soon as they are about to walk, Scrappy comes in right on time. It was a beautiful ceremony and Momma Dee couldn’t look happier.

Joseline is performed for the LGBT community and she did an amazing job. She got emotional on stage and told her audience how happy she was that they are fearless. After her show, she goes into her dressing room and Karlie Redd comes in. Things between them get a little crazy. See clip below.

Ending off the season, Momma Dee married the love of her life again, Ernest. Margeaux is going strong with her girlfriend, Merica, Rasheeda and Kirk are in a good place, Mimi is working on publishing her book ‘Lets Share Some Wine’, Bambi finally moves in with Scrappy, Erica Dixon is focused on being the best mom for Emani, Karlie’s career and relationship with, Lyfe Jennings is better than ever, Tony Vick’s and Kalenna club is making money, Joseline and Stevie J is rocky right now but I’m sure they will get back to being the power couple they always are.

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