Posted August 10, 2015 by Kristen Richards in Movies & TV

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’: Backstabbers [Photos] [Video]

Tonight (August 10, 2015) on ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Kirk surprised Rasheeda with her very own store in the biggest mall in Atlanta.

Scrappy meets Jasmine at the barber shop and lets him know, Momma Dee and Ernest is getting married soon. Scrappy is shocked since it’s too soon.

Joseline sits down with Gayborhood, gay promoters about performing for the LGBT community and bring awareness to the bullying and suicide. Marci, the CEO wanted to make sure she was doing it for the right reasons. Joseline got emotional when she told them about her childhood and being gay at 14 years old.

Kalenna and Tony Vick are in counseling with Dr. Lydia O for her postpartum depression. Kalenna talks about not knowing how to manage it besides crying and the doctor told her to get a good support system.

Bambi came through on providing the hair for the wedding and put together some looks for Momma Dee. While she waits, Scrappy walks in a little upset that Bambi didn’t tell him about the wedding. Then in comes Momma Dee and she asks Scrappy to be down with the crown.

Jessica Dime and Margeaux meet up to record a song for her performance that Mimi set up.

Stevie J, Scrappy, Tony Vick, and Kirk go fishing to catch up with one another. Scrappy talks about Momma Dee making Erica and Bambi her bridesmaid. Kirk tells them he found Rasheeda a store. Tony lets them know Kalenna has post partum. Stevie J tells them about Joseline working with producers behind his back.

At Stevie J and Joseline home, he lets her know he doesn’t appreciate her running through the studio with people he knows. Joseline lets him know she did it for herself and she wants him to come to her performance.

Momma Dee goes over to Erica’s house to vent about Scrappy and Jasmine not respecting her wedding. Erica gave her great advice to move forward.

Karlie and Jessica Dime are shopping and Jessica tells her she’s going to perform ‘Start A War’ remix at the show Mimi set up for her. Karlie lets her know she’s really going to be starting a war.

Mimi, Ariane and Stevie J are at the performance of Jessica Dime. See clip below.

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