Posted August 4, 2015 by Kristen Richards in Movies & TV

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’: Doing Me [Photos] [Video]

Tonight (August 3, 2015) on ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ it opened where in ended last episode with Kirk and Tony Vick dining to mend the friendship of their wives, Rasheeda and Kalenna. Unfortunately nothing got resolved between the two.

Momma Dee and Erica Dixon meet at the flower shop to pick out wedding flowers. Before they choose flowers, Momma Dee asks her to be a bridesmaid. Erica asked to think about it.

Tiffany Foxx asked Joseline Hernandez to meet up with her, she wanted to make sure she knew about her work with Stevie J. After Tiffany spoke business, Jessica Dime name came up and Joseline sex life became the topic of conversation. Tiffany was surprised that she and Joseline agreed on Jessica Dime being wack.

Nikko invited his mom, Vanessa into town so he and Margeaux can let her know that they are filing for a divorce. Vanessa asked each of them if they were seeing anyone new and Margeaux admitted she was.

Kalenna had Karlie come over to her house because she needed a friend. She tells Karlie about the worst double date and how Tony thinks she post partum depression. Karlie let her know she has that after having her child and that its nothing to play around with. Kalenna promised to handle it.

Scrappy and Bambi hasn’t been on good terms after Bambi doing the music video. Bambi told him she just wanted to do something out the house and with her career. He promised to always support her.

At Patchwerk Studios, Joseline Hernandez is recording a new song called Church. Karlie Redd shows up and notice Stevie J isn’t producing this song. The producers leave and Joseline lets her know she’s testing the waters work wise without Stevie J.

Margeaux and Jessica dime catch up with one another. Margeaux tells her about the messy photo shoot and Jessica tells her how Mimi hasn’t done anything for her career. Margeaux then asked her to do a collaboration with her.

All of Momma Dee’s potential bridal party meet her at the Ivory bridal and formal to help her choose a wedding gown. Her best friend Chanel, Erica Dixon, her daughter Jasmine, and Bambi all show up. Bambi offers to provide hair for the bridal party, but Erica politely said no thank you. They got into it and Momma Dee shut it down.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are in their home and they start talking about work. Stevie lets her know he worked with Tiffany Foxx and Joseline tells him she already knew. He was shocked, but even more shocked when Joseline said he did a song behind his back.

Ending of the episode, Tiffany Foxx and her manager, Brooke Holladay is sitting down talking. Across the room Jessica Dime and Dawn are talking. Jessica Dime sees Tiffany Foxx and decides to speak with her but things go sideways. See clip below.

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