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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’: Countdown [Photos] [Video]

Tonight (July 27, 2015) on ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ the show opened up where it left off in Karlie’s event. Sina and Karlie turn up on Khadiyah but fortunately security had it under control. After the situation, Lyfe Jennings spoke to Karlie about being above the violence and not starting drama.

At the Hookah loft, Margeaux meets Joseline to talk about the photo shoot. Margeaux lets her know it was going well until Stevie J showed up and things went left. After she spoke rude about Stevie J, Joseline went off on Margeaux and she left the building.

Yung Joc is at the recording studio and Khadiyah walks in. She tells him about the event and that Sina bought up the pregnancy. Yung Joc is confused on what it has to do with them, but she tells him she’s not going to keep dealing with the same thing. He gets fed up and curses at her and she walks out.

All the boys are at Scrappy’s house playing poker and also talk about their women problem. Scrappy tells them she gave Bambi a key to the house, Yung Joc tells them he broke up with Khadiyah, Kirk and Tony Vick tells them Rasheeda and Kalenna are no longer friends.

Bambi is the leading lady in Laudi video and she invited Tammy to the premiere. Rasheeda also shows up and see the screening of the video. Bambi looked extremely comfortable with Laudi in the video and in person so it had Rasheeda question was she still with Scrappy.

Mimi delivered Stevie J for Tiffany Foxx but before they started he apologized to her about the last encounter. Tiffany Foxx accepted it, but just hopes for no problems and drama with the wifey Joseline. Stevie J then plays a 90s track for her and she starts spitting a verse.

Scrappy is at the recording studio laying down a track and Kirk and Rasheeda is there to support. After his session Rasheeda and Kirk let him know that the Bam was in a music video and real comfortable. In walks Bambi and Kirk leaves with Rasheeda. Scrappy brings up the Laudi video and Bambi tells him she’s tired of taking a back seat to her career so when he gets it together give her a call.

Stevie J leaves a message for Margeaux to meet about the photo shoot pictures. At the meeting, they exchange a few words and she ends up asking for $10 grand for the cover. Stevie J tells her she has ten seconds to get out because he’s not paying her anything.

Karlie is at Merci boutique when Yung Joc shows up to defend Khadiyah’s honor. He tells her he doesn’t appreciate her and Sina side blinding Khadiyah. She tells him Sina is her friend now and he doesn’t like that. Yung Joc then tells her to stop trying to punish Khadiyah because of him.

Kirk decides to take Rasheeda on a romantic date and so does Tony Vick for Kaleena. Both guys plan on doing a double date, but the girls have no idea. Things go sour once the guys leave them to talk. See clip below.

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