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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’: Revenge [Photos] [Videos]

Tonight (July 20, 2015) on ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Tammy and Kalenna continued to argue about the Deb Antney meeting. See clip below.

Erica and Scrappy bought in their daughter, Emani 10th bday party. Momma Dee was there and so was Bambi. The princess party was really nice, but Bambi felt like an outsider and had her question if she wants to be a part of this drama filled family.

Stevie J is back from LA after signing the movie deal and he meets up with Mimi. He lets her know he’s moving to LA but she asks him to at least do a song with Jazze Pha and Tiffany Foxx for MF management.

Sina shows up to Merci Boutique to meet Karlie Redd and talk about taking Khadiyah down. After speaking about how much they both dislike Khadiyah, they come up with a plan.

Rasheeda and Kirk are in the studio when Kalenna walk into the session. Kalenna sits down with Rasheeda and she tells her how she didn’t have her back at Club Kapture. Rasheeda tells her Tammy said you called her saying I was handing out CDs on your tour bus and “I was a bum bitch”. Kalenna did not deny it, but there friendship went left.

Next Stevie J met up with his new business magazine partner, Daze. Scrappy shows up and after all their prior problems, they came together as real men. Stevie J tells Scrappy he plans on putting Margeaux on the cover of the magazine and use Nikko women for a change.

Tammy and Bambi meet up to talk about her incident with Kalenna. After telling her the drama, Bambi tells her she’s not sure she wants to be apart of their family and Scrappy hasn’t done anything for her career in two years.

Joseline Hernandez, Karlie Redd, and Kalenna catch up at the nail salon. Kalenna lets her know Rasheeda and her are no longer friends. Joseline lets them know she’s moving to LA. Karlie then tells them about how she plans on throwing an event and is inviting Khadiyah.

Kalenna and Tony Vick is at Club Kapture talking about what happened in the beginning of the episode. She starts getting emotional when she talks about her life problems and her falling out with Rasheeda. Tony wants her to check about having postpartum depression.

At the magazine photo shoot, Margeaux is doing her thing and Nikko is there to support her. In comes Stevie J and Margeaux is taking back not realizing, Stevie owns a part of the magazine. After arguing with him she requested a hefty amount to do the cover.

The Peachtree Club is hosting Karlie Redds partnership with Empire Records and her man Lyfe Jennings came as her date but things go wrong with Sina and Khadiyah. See clip below.

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