Posted April 6, 2015 by AirConway in COMEDY

Did Dave Chappelle Record a New HBO Special Over the Weekend? [Details]

The man responsible for reigniting Rick James’ career and famously walking away from $50 million has been making a slow return the the limelight, but if rumors are true, Dave Chappelle may have an HBO special ready to air in the near future. According to ComedyHype, Dave performed a new set at ACL Live in Austin over the weekend to much praise and HBO cameras were on hand to film the show. Chappelle has remained relatively quiet since famously walking out on Chappelle’s Show in 2005, though he has made sporadic appearance at comedy clubs for years. He toured in the innagural Funny or Die Oddball Festival in 2013 and sold out performances at Radio City Music Hall last summer. A return to HBO would be Chappelle’s first televised stand up in over 10 years.

Source: ComedyHype