Posted March 20, 2015 by Miss CoCo in Entertainment News

E-Witness News Sits Down With Black Ink’s Dutchess and Ceasar Pt. 1

E-Witness New’s own Jameer Pond, sat down with Black Ink’s notorious couple; Dutchess and Ceasar. The interview was not only the couples favorite interview to date, it also created a bond between Thatsenuff and the two hardworking tattoo artist. So much so, Jameer got personal. They gave us insight on this week’s episode following Ceasar’s arrest as well as whats to come this season.  Jameer even got details on wedding plans, craziest tattoo story and next weeks drama filled episode. Then the interview takes a turn for the taboo side, when we talk about vagina tattoos and more. Check out PT. 1 now!


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