Posted February 6, 2015 by Tabby T in Lifestyle

This New App Is The Perfect Tool For Young Entrepreneur (Details)

In honor or Black History Month, I’ve decided to take the initiative to feature various African-American entrepreneurs, talents, and difference makers throughout the whole month of February! To start it off, here’s Khyrie Alleyne, Brooklyn native and entrepreneur! Alleyne recently launched his new FREE mobile app called ‘SelfieFaze’ which has got some amazing reviews from its users including Serena Williams!

Khyrie Alleyne, 24-year-old New York bred mobile app founder, entrepreneur, published writer, public and motivational speaker, success coach and community service activist, comes from humble beginnings in crown heights Brooklyn, NY. Alleyne has always been passionate about identifying and solving problems. Using his knack for finding solutions, Alleyne recently announced the launch of SelfieFaze, a new chat messaging app created to bring a fun shortened communication experience to the digital world with the creation and use of AnYCoNs. An AnYCoN is custom personalized emojis accompanied by optional SWaGG (written message) and ViBE (audio message) messages.
Many believe chat applications that use emojis or create icons, not AnYCoNs, limit creativity and silence self-expression. On the contrary, with the introduction of AnYCoNs, the everyday person has the opportunity to create, showcase and share their go-to expressions the way they see fit. SelfieFaze offers an outlet of limitless expression by telling each and every user “Express Yourself Anyway”.
Having recently earned his Masters degree in International Studies and Public Policy, today, Alleyne’s unique personality and vigorous work ethics has sparked requests for multiple speaking engagements; he finds motivation in coaching others to perform above and beyond their expectations. Alleyne believes it is his love for service that inspires his continued efforts to leave lasting impressions on the world.


For more about Selfie Faze click here. Be sure to download the app today and try it out!

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