Posted January 20, 2015 by Tabby T in News

WTF! Aussie Painter, Paints Portraits With His Penis!? (Details) [Video]

Okay! So I know artists are usually very “weird” individuals, but this is the most interesting story I’ve heard of. A 64 year old Australian painter “Pricasso the Penis Paintergives a very interesting interview with Coconut TV about his style of painting and even demonstrates!

In the interview, Pricasso says that the idea to paint with his member just popped into his head one day, so he “Googled it and there was no one else was doing it.” He used normal paints in the beginning, but says that it was rough on his tool, so he came up with his own mixture. Thankfully the video is blurred so you never see Pricasso’s brush, but you see him grab it, dip it in his paints and petroleum jelly, and rub it quite forcefully onto the canvas.

We cringe every time the artist talks about how hard something is, and his choice of outfits does very little to distract us from the fact that a naked old man is rubbing his genitals in paint, while standing next to a woman who is asking him about creative expression and weird commissions. Check out a few of Pricasso’s finished portraits below, but please don’t try this at home.


Check out the footage below & be sure to leave your thoughts, also visit our photo gallery above for some of Pricasso‘s paintings!

Source: Complex