Posted December 8, 2014 by Victoria in Media

State of Play: Broken [Video]

Tuesday, November 25th HBO Sports State of Play: Broken aired. The show followed two athletes turned paraplegic after a severe accident while doing what they love. Eric LeGrande became paralyzed while playing football for Rutgers University. Steve Shope’s incident occurred while bike riding.

Both stories were very heart felt and sad, giving us two different outlooks on what it’s like to be paralyzed. Eric’s outlook on life is very inspiring as you see him laughing, talking to his family, and going out to clubs and football games. Steve’s story is a bit more sad, as you see him trying to get adjusted to his “new” lifestyle. You can tell that Steve feels bad for not being able to do the things he used to be able to do, which takes a toll on his family.

Both share a passion for sports and loving family members and friends who help take care of them and keep them going. Eric’s mother takes care of him while Steve’s wife is his caretaker. Check out this preview clip and be sure to watch this edition of State of Play when you get a chance.

To find out more and donate visit Steve Shope’s website: Trail to Recovery Fund & Eric LeGrand’s website: Team LeGrande

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