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Black Christmas [Photo]

David Banner and a few others took to social networks to encourage everyone, especially African Americans, to not take part in Christmas this year. They are encouraging people not to buy anything more than what they’d need on a daily basis ie: food, gas, and the essentials. While using the hashtag #BlackChristmas they plan to break sellers pockets to try and bring forth change in this divided society. Black people are the #1 consumers in America, if you come for their pockets, chances are you’ll see a change.

A recent article read: “This really comes as no surprise to anyone who lives in a major metro area with a lot of Black people. Other studies have concluded that Black people spend much more money on goods and services than Whites. Some say that Blacks are much bigger “conspicuous consumers” than Whites and tend to spend money on material goods that are signifiers of wealth such as clothes, shoes and cars. Black people in America pretty much keep huge global companies like Nike in business. Gaudy expensive $200 Nikes that Whites of any age group, in general, rarely purchase are bought by Black teenagers and twenty somethings from Los Angeles to New York to Atlanta.”

We all know we spend more money on materialistic things than white people do, we need to start being more conscious on where our money is going and why. White people are sitting in their billion dollar homes, that they own, paying their children’s way through Ivy League colleges, while we own 30 pairs of Jordan’s and live in the projects. Time to start paying attention! Do we really want change or are we happy making the rich richer? Please tell me your thoughts, and will you take part in #BlackChristmas

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Source: City-Data
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