Posted November 25, 2014 by Victoria in Editorial

Officer Darren Wilson Walks Free While Mike Brown Lies 6ft Under! [Video]

After months of waiting to hear the verdict of The Mike Brown case against Darren Wilson, we finally heard from the Grand jury this evening. Officer Darren Wilson has been acquitted of ALL charges.

Here’s a segment of the county prosecutor, Robert McCulloch telling the verdict.

Black, unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown was killed by white officer Darren Wilson on August 9th. Ever since that day, the city of Ferguson has been protesting. Marching, lying down on the ground, raising their arms and hands, holding signs, and patiently waiting to find out what the future of Ferguson will hold. As this entire case unfolded, we have covered every story, from witnesses accounts, President Obama’s speeches, the Live funeral coverage, and several videos of Mike Brown’s parents trying to cope with the reality that their son is gone.

CNN has had actors, protestors, professionals, doctors, lawyers, and many others interviewed during this entire ordeal. They have gotten many opinions on what they’d think the outcome would be, based off new evidence given to the public during this 4 month case. We heard our first bit of info from eye witness accounts from people in the neighborhood and Mike’s friend Dorian Johnson who was with him during his last moments. The police department withheld the officers name to protect him, meanwhile the people of Ferguson protested for equality. Not too soon after Mike’s death, they released a video of him, supposedly, looting from a convenience store, accusing Brown of stealing and trying to justify his death. All the while, Darren Wilson remained on paid leave while federal prosecutors investigated the case. Two autopsys were done on Mike Brown to try and determine exactly what transpired. Sometime last week they released a video of Darren Wilson walking back into the Police Station with no marks or bruises from his “scuffle” with Mike Brown. So much info, released so meticulously, everything unfolded piece by piece.

The 12-member grand jury consisted of one black man, two black women, six white men, and three white women. All last week, Ferguson awaited the grand jury’s verdict, while Governor Jay Nixon, of Missouri, issued a state of emergency. After that was issued most people had an idea of how things may turn out.

People from many different walks of life have been protesting. From Ferguson, Missouri, to New York City, to Alabama, to Los Angeles, the “grand jury’s decision” didn’t only affect Mike Brown’s family, Ferguson, or African Americans, but everyone who feels like this decision is completely unjust and unfair. Darren Wilson has been safe from the public since August 9th, not having to face the truth of what he’s done and this evening he walks free after emptying a clip into a young African American male who just graduated from high school. We have been presented with ALL of the information that the grand jury has, besides Darren Wilson’s testimony, and yet Darren Wilson is a free man?

Is America land of the free home of the brave? Do you think racism still exist? Please leave your comments below, we’d love to know what you think of the ruling of this case. Check back here for updates and info on protesting sites, in case you’d like to participate.

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