Posted November 17, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Metta World Peace Details A Fight He Had With J.R. Smith Last Season

Metta World Peace is enjoying his time playing professional basketball in China, but it has not stopped him from following the NBA and his former team the New York Knicks.

He has been speaking out on why he is no longer a Knicks, putting the blame on a fight he had with shooting guard J.R. Smith concerning his lack of effort.

This is what he had to say about the issue in the NY Post

“I don’t understand why they didn’t [sign] me,’’ World Peace said. “But then again, I’m very direct. I think I was too direct in the locker room, too direct to J.R. Smith. It wasn’t from a bad place. I’m older, been on great teams in Sacramento and L.A.“If someone is not playing defense or not giving effort, that’s my specialty. I don’t hold back on my words. Nobody wants to talk direct to them. We don’t give it to them straight. […] I said some things directly to J.R. Smith in the locker room and he challenged me back, said some direct things to me. But he understood where we came from.”

According to World Peace, on one occasion, owner James Dolan walked into the film room for a bull session. World Peace said he was the only player to speak up about why the team was in disarray. […] “You don’t hold nothing back when things are going wrong,” World Peace said. “You have to tell Melo [Carmelo Anthony] when he’s being lazy. You have to speak about these things, so when the playoffs come, everyone knows where everybody stands.”

Knicks fans are probably growing tired yelling at their television screens of bad shots and lazy defense. They can only help this new version of the team will continue to improve.

Luis Mercado