Posted November 14, 2014 by Victoria in Entertainment News

MTV’s Real World Star Lost Her Battle With Cancer! [Photo]

Diem Brown passed away at 10 a.m Friday morning due to her long battle with cancer. We’ve seen Diem on MTV’s ‘Real World’ and recently on MYV’s ‘The Challenge’. Diem had been battling her fight with cancer since the young age of 23, when she was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer, according to People Magazine. She was very open about it on The Challenge and very self conscious due to her hair loss, which is a side affect from treatment.

“I want people to know that the fight is worth it, and that’s something that’s so important for me.”

Diem told People Magazine in October. She always remained positive throughout the entire ordeal, unknowingly inspiring people with her determined attitude. She openly expressed her plans for the future, telling People Magazine:

“I’m going to have a family and get married and the whole American, 2½ kids, white-picket fence dream,” she said. “It’s something that’s really important to me, because it means a long-term future.”

In August Diem found out that her Cancer had spread to her liver and lymph nodes. She was in the hospital surrounded by friends and family when she passed. We send our condolences to all Diem’s friends and family. Check out the gallery for photos of Diem.

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