Posted November 11, 2014 by Unique in TECHNOLOGY

Here’s Why Facebook Forces Users To Download A Separate Messenger App

I pretty sure everyone has the question “Why in the world do I have to download a app to check my fb messages?”. Well there’s finally a answer for that. Recently chief executive and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg participated in Facebook’s first ever town hall question-and-answer session where he answered a number of questions about his social media platform including the messenger app. Which hit 500 million monthly active users as of yesterday.

According to Forbes ten billion messages are sent through Facebook per day and mobile users would have to open a separate tab within the main Facebook app to see them. So Facebook wanted to simplify the process for Messenger users.

The reason why we wanted to do this is because we really believe that this is a better experience and we think that messaging is becoming increasingly important. And messaging was this behavior that people were doing more and more. There are more than 10 billion messages sent every day on Facebook, but n order to get to your messages, you had to open up the app — which could take a few seconds — and then go to a separate tab. And what we saw was that all of the messaging apps that people were using and they relied on the most were — kind of — these dedicated, focused experiences. So whether it’s the SMS app, or iMessage on your phone or something like WhatsApp — which has grown a lot in a lot of countries.

So what do you think? Was this a good reason for forcing users to switch to a separate Messenger app?