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Your Type Or Nah!! Your Bae’s Sports Team May Say More About Him Then You Think

So I thought this was a very interesting and wanted to share to a extent. So Elite Daily did a topic on what your guys sports team says about them. So, for those dealing with a guy that’s really into sports you should checkout the entire list and see if it’s true or not. Think of it more like a Zodiac based on sports.

In any case below is the results of That’s Enuff’s Staff favorite sports teams.

Brooklyn Nets

This guy is constantly underrated and it’s actually baffling how some people would prefer others over him. He’s a solid choice, but you get the feeling that maybe he doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves because he lacks excitement.

Dallas Cowboys

If you look at his résumé from top to bottom, you’ll probably think you’ve landed yourself a pretty great catch, which is fair enough. But don’t be surprised if he keeps up bringing what he’s done in the past to defend his present disappointments.

Chicago Bulls

He’s tough and plays no games. Where he’s from and how he’s been brought up has given him standards. He’s not at all entertained by your half-hearted efforts.

New York Giants

Never short of confidence and with good reasons, he’s defied the odds enough times in his life. Because of that, he’ll always expect the best, but is willing to accept the worst if it comes.

Los Angeles Lakers

You’d be able to appreciate him for how amazingly he is, more than you already do, if he weren’t so snobby about it. As a result, you quietly enjoy when he has humbling experiences.

New York Jets

In a constant attempt to get the attention he feels he deserves, this guy can make rash decisions and has gone out of his way to hook up with (the bombshell who doesn’t know how to read, the good girl who looked awkward trying to engage in the most basic elements of a relationship, etc.). Deep down though, he always knows things will go wrong, and is desperately waiting for someone to come along and change that.

Miami Heat

He definitely came into your life out of nowhere. Is he a shallow guy who only cares about looks and/or money? Depends. Maybe it’s just that you yourself have to be something special to get his attention. That’s the way things are for guys who have options and a lot of things going for them in life.

Either way, don’t expect him to stick around when you’re not poppin’ anymore.

Philadelphia Eagles

What you’ve done for him in the past seldom matters. He’ll come down on you hard in an instant if you rub him the wrong way.

New York Knicks

Most things about him are maddeningly difficult to figure out. One thing is usually certain, though. No matter how great or terrible you are, he’ll find a way to hype you up and make you feel important.

Washington Redskins

No matter what, he’s proud of who he is. You might dislike certain aspects of his character, but he will be totally unapologetic about it. If you want to “change” a man, this is not the one.

Oklahoma City Thunder

He’s different, something new, and that’s part of what makes him an attractive proposition. He challenges the way you see things. That, in itself, makes him a catch.


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