Posted October 21, 2014 by Tabby T in News

WTF! Dad Slits 9 Year Old Son’s Throat & Slices Off His Genitals Because He Wet The Bed (Details)

Why is it so hard for children to be children these days?! Children WILL DO childish things for as long as they’re a child, and yes, that includes wetting the bed ever so often! (smh).

A Chinese dad brutally slit his 9 YEAR OLD SON’s throat before slicing off his genitals after the kid urinated on his bed through the night. There really are some psycho people in this world!!!

Tang Minghua, who’d been left to raise 9-year-old Kao alone after his wife walked out, reportedly freaked out after finding the boy had urinated in his bunk.

The 39-year-old allegedly dragged the youngster out of their rural Zhenxiong home. He forced him to empty his bladder, but when the child refused he used a machete to hack at his neck and kill him, according to the Mirror.

Minghua then allegedly chopped off the dead boy’s private parts, before going back to bed.

Cops were called after shocked neighbors spotted the child’s bloody corpse lying outside the home.

 Minghua was arrested and charged with murder.

It’s unclear exactly when the horrific incident happened.

But the boy had reportedly started wetting the bed after becoming upset in the change of family circumstances, according to the Mirror.

Source: NY Daily News