Posted October 10, 2014 by Miss CoCo in Entertainment News

Hold Up, Iggy Was Married And Didn’t Even Know It?! (Details) [Photos]

First things first, how the hell you get married and don’t even know it?!

Divorce papers were filled in Texas by Iggy Azaleas’s alleged old boyfriend whom she was shacking up with back in 2008. Maurice Williams, also known as Hefe Wine, says:

“She (Iggy)  agreed to be married, holding themselves out as man and wife and began residing together in the State of Texas…”

Well, Iggy I know you aren’t American so I will let the fact that you moved to the most conservative state in theses United States, slide. This week Iggy learned in the great state of Texas you are a legal married couple if you two reveal yourself as man and wife to any friends, and live together for any length of time. This is what we call a common law marriage which Texas clearly takes too far!

Iggy is denying any such agreement that she was Wine’s ‘wife’. Probably because he not only wants to sell property they have together but is also battling Iggy on rights to some of her music which has made millions in the last year.

Her latest boo, Lakers player Nick Young, just had thumb surgery this past week and she seems to only be focused on him.

Sorry Hefe Wine! She someone else’s ‘New Bitch’.


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