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Breaking Bad Wannabe Escapes Jail! (Details) [Photos]

So we all know funerals cost an arm and a leg. Not only does your family deal with a loss but they usually deal with debt. Well Sydney Youngs is a 74 year-old felon who plotted to grow cannabis in his home in order to make sure his family wouldn’t be left in debt.

Aww or Nah?

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Allow me to add that he has a heart condition.

You know the show Breaking Bad? Well, every gangster story usually begins with trying to provide for their family.  Youngs like the character Walter White is trying to provide for their family after being diagnosed with terminal disease. Young has chronic pulmonary heart disease and White has terminal cancer.

Young was caught with $184,832.60 worth of growing cannabis in home but he might not suffer the consequences. The court is empathetic to his situation and don’t want to put a dying 74 year-old man in prison for trying to protect his family. The 2 year sentence that was given to him will be pushed back another 2 years. Allowing him to live out what he has left of life at home and not in prison.

Round of applause to the court, its about time you think of somebody else but yourself.


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