Posted October 1, 2014 by Rocko Rathon in Movies & TV

Liberian Artist kNERO Set To Release A Memoir (Homeless With A Record Deal: The Moments Of Luxury)

In the state of mixed emotions, sick of the financial sea-saw ride.

Along with the potential of prosperity, achieving a record deal with Universal Records. kNERO LapaĆ© finds himself, wife, their three kids and little brother homeless. Seeking means for survival, from hotel to hotels, check to checks, hustle to hustles, nevertheless he still possess the drive and ambition to place a roof over his family’s head and to pursue his dreams. kNERO experienced disappointments from the unexpected and discovered the true meaning of love and loyalty within a marriage. Despite their struggle he recognized a deep sense of happiness from his children. Homeless With A Record Deal reveals an unflinching view of the struggle in America, marriage, love, family values and to always following your dreams no matter what. This is definitely the book to motivate you through hardships. Follow kNERO on twitter HERE.

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