Posted September 18, 2014 by Tabby T in Electronics & Gadgets

IPhone 6’S Realese Tomorrow! 5 Reasons Why You Should Get It [Photo] [Video]

With the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6PLUS dropping tomorrow, September 19th here are reasons why you should get! Apart from the obvious advances as far as screen size & sleekness, you really should do your research before you completely dismissing this AMAZING gadget!

1. Longer Battery Life

Both iPhone 6 & 6PlUS are designed to be more “energy efficient”, you can do more with no cost to your battery life.

2. Auto Focus Camera

Latest advances to the camera includes the auto focus feature which automatically  focuses for you without having to touch the screen when needed., thanks to the 8 mega pixel eye-side camera that comes equipped with focus pixels that allows these phones to do that.

3. HD Video Feature

The iPhone 6PLUS features optical image stabilization, which allows better quality while taking a video even in motion!

4. Apple Pay

To make your day easier, well as far as money goes, your iPhone can now help with that! Leave your cash, credit, and debit cards at home whether by accident or on purpose because you can make purchases with your phone!

5. Because Its The Latest IPhone…

Let’s be honest, whether you’re an iPhone fan or not, you have to admit that APPLE products are pretty dope, may be even THE dopest. Their credentials speaks for itself and the fact that they ALWAYS commit themselves to advancing or improving their gadgets says  a lot!

But hey don’t take our word for it! Check out why Apple says this is “THE best iPhone ever designed.”