Posted September 11, 2014 by BlueMagic in TECHNOLOGY

Apple Took Over Your ICloud and UOENO It, Here’s How! (Tweets) [Photo]

A lot of Apple users may not have notice this as we all carry tons of music in our ITunes. Some people did peep what Apple did and they were not happy. Upon announcing Apple 6 and Apple 6 Plus, the big corporation teamed up with band U2 to surprise it’s users. Apple has placed the band, U2, latest album, Songs of Innocences, via ICloud into your ITunes and you didn’t even know it. Go ahead and check, we’ll wait… see it? People across the world checked they IPhone, MacBook or just had the ITunes playing randomly and saw the U2 album playing. This did not sit well with Apple users as they feel their will has been taken. How did you feel when you realized that they automatically imported into your ITunes? Leave us your thoughts below. Also check out others tweets in the gallery above.