Posted September 3, 2014 by Julian Encarnacion in Sports

Guess Who is Working Out with Kobe in Hopes of NBA Comeback?

According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski the 35 year old Tracy McGrady has been working with Kobe Bryant in hopes of a return to the NBA.

The two have been training three days a week in August, however don’t expect McGrady to appear on a NBA team in training camp just yet. McGrady, still considered a highly popular player in Asia due to his years spent on the Houston Rockets with Yao Ming, is contractually obligated to appear at a basketball tour in China that interferes with NBA training camp.

McGrady was last seen in the NBA as member of the San Antonio Spurs during the 2013 Playoffs. He did not play any significant minutes during that run. He retired from basketball in August 2013.

He briefly spent time as a pitcher of Sugarland Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League and retired once he earned his first professional strikeout.

In McGrady’s basketball prime, he was considered an elite shooting guard on the same level as Kobe Bryant. A plethora of injuries, primarily back and knee, limited McGrady towards the end of his 15 year career. Drafted out of high school in 1997, He went on to win two regular-season scoring titles and was selected first- or second-team All-NBA five times, but never advanced out of the first round of the playoff as a team’s primary scoring option.

Over his career McGrady played for six teams including the Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs.

Source: Yahoo