Posted September 2, 2014 by Victoria in COMEDY

Kanye West Responds to Jay Pharoah Impersonation at ‘Made in America’ [Video]

During the 2014 VMA Awards, host and comedian Jay Pharaoh made jokes and impersonated different artist, one impersonation included rapper Kanye West. Jay spoke on things about Kanye West’s music video ‘Bound‘ featuring wife Kim Kardashian. Jay said that Kanye invented T.V and that his music cured ALS. Nothing I thought to be disrespectful or inappropriate, Kim and her sisters were even spotted laughing as the jokes rolled in. Here’s a clip of Kanye West speaking on the impersonation during his performance at the ‘Made in America‘ Music Festival that occurred this past weekend in Philadelphia, P.A and Los Angeles, California.

Kanye allegedly called Jay right after the VMA’s to “set the record straight”, regarding his craft and how he has worked for everything he has. Do you guys think Kanye is being a bit extra? Or does he have every right to feel some type of way? Check out the gallery, post your comments below, and check out the full performance as well, located directly before this one.