Posted September 2, 2014 by Taleen Kupelian in Entertainment News

It’s Official! Diana Ross Is A New Mother-In-Law (Details)

The youngest child of legend Diana Ross, Evan Ross, has married his love Ashlee Simpson. Ashlee Simpson is an award winning singer/songwriter (sister to singer/designer Jessica Simpson,) and Evan Ross is an actor (brother to actress Tracee Ellis Ross.)

The two were close friends before pursing a romantic relationship. According to E! Online, their lavish wedding was held at the home of none other than Diana Ross herself. It was Bohemian themed and the duo had their closest family and friends present.

It was in a way expected that Evan’s mother would grace everyone with a song or two (she is the Diana Ross after all!) But what might have come as a shock was that she officiated the wedding as well. Sister Tracee emceed the wedding and the couple danced to Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed.”

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