Posted September 2, 2014 by BlueMagic in Sports

Do You ‘Bolieve’ In WWE? Raw 9/1/14 Recap [Editorial] [Video]

Raw kicked off in traditional fashion, promo between two sides. (I really wish we could go back to the days of starting nights off with a match.) Nonetheless, it was a pretty good back and forth between Triple H and Chris Jericho. Felt bad for Kane, Rollins and Orton to be apart of that as you can tell the chemistry is just there between Trips and Jericho. I found it interesting how Trips tried to take the match from Cena, and even more surprised to see fellow Authorities vouching for Cena to have his match. The promo definitely ran long though with a lot of “Pick me! Pick me!”. Could’ve went without it honestly. It was funny though when Cena threatened to sue if he didn’t get his rematch. After all this talking, it leads to a six man tag. What happen to spreading the wealth throughout the day. Any who, on to the show.

First match of the night featured Ziggler/Sheamus vs. Ceasaro/Miz and Miz stunt double Damien Mizdow in their corner. This match had a very good back and forth going including Miz “protect the money maker” moments. The highlight of this program was when Miz called in his stunt double to take his spot. Damien rips his pants off into wrestle gear and yells “Action!” simply classic. It was really a good idea to link these two together and also a dope gimmick for The Miz.

Next up was a pointless Total Divas with Layla that ended up in a no contest..I think. I definitely checked out of this match which is sad for Naomi out of the those involved.

Big Show and Mark Henry are apparently partners now. (Sorry guys, been on vacation for 2 weeks.) They faced the Wyatt followers which was a very decent match with all big men showing their versatilities. Rusev came out with Lana and eventually kicked Henry out cold. This is going to turn into a Mark Henry vs. Rusev battle which I’m all for. I feel Henry has a legit chance of winning against Rusev in a awesome bout.

Paul Heyman steps out to defend the notion that Cena claim he can actually win at NOC. It was another good promo from the best manager of all time. It’s going to be hard for Cena to recover from this lost and it don’t look like he’s going to win his rematch either.

Next was a pointless match between Curtis Axel versus Jack Swagger. The highlight of this segment was with Bo Dallas. I do Believe that these two have a chance to present a very good feud. They both need this program since Bo has had a rivalry since arrive and Rusev battling Mark Henry. Axel seems like will be lost in the shuffle as Ryback recovers from his injury.

Adam Rose vs. Titus O’neil which was another wasted segment which saw the Chicken attack Heath Slater. Three great talents thats just chilling on the side waiting on their turn.

Rusev over Ryder in a squash match. Apparently backstage is not happy with Ryder protest against them recently. Henry runs out to pay back Rusev but Rusev slips out and leaves. Henry lets him know that the International wing of Hall of Pain is ready for him. Definitely like this feud. Plus we get to see more of Lana.

Nikki Bella and Stephanie McMahon have their anti-Brie promo. It leads to Steph naming Nikki the number 1 contender for the divas title. Brie comes out question Nikki if this is what all the beef is about and they have their back and forth. AJ Lee comes skipping out of nowhere to remind Steph that she still gets a rematch against Paige. (sounds familiar from earlier in the night?) Paige comes out and seems “flattered” being so high demand. It ended with Brie pushing Nikki into Paige which made those two fall. AJ picks up the title and skips around only to be stopped by Steph and told to hand the title over. The tease of a AJ Lee vs. Stephanie is something that can DEFINITELY take off. I’m enjoying seeing Steph being more hands on. Now when will Shane come back? lol

Usos vs. the Dust Brothers is getting more and more interesting as the Dust Brothers take this heel turn. I can see them winning the titles from the Usos only because the Usos needs a new chase. They’ve been destroying the title division, including the Wyatt followers.

To cap off the night, it was the six man battle which I still feel was pointless. I don’t think WWE was too happy with it as well as they don’t even have the recap video for it. Right now there’s meaningful storylines that’s carrying the flagship of WWE. Rusev/Henry, Stephanie/AJ, Miz/Ziggler, Bo/Swagger, and Uso/Dust Brothers. We haven’t seen Bray in a meaningful feud although he’s in a cage match next Monday against Jericho. So what do you guys think? Do you guys really Bolieve in the WWE product right now enough to purchase the WWE Network for only $9.99? Or are you ready to turn away from the product all together? Let me know your thoughts.