Posted September 2, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Could A Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao FINALLY Face Each Other Next Year?

After years of debates, drama, and back and forths it looks like we might FINALLY get a Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight in the near future.

No really, it could come as early as 2015.

According to Jeff Powell of the Daily Mail, for the first time Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is speaking confidently about the fight. Not only is he speaking confidently about a potential superfight, but he’s saying that it could actually happen twice in 2015.

The major pay-per-view TV rivals in the US – HBO who screen Pacquiao’s fights and Showtime who have Mayweather under contract – are understood to be willing to share the massive financial pot via a joint-broadcasting contract.

Arum says: ‘Both networks want this to happen. All signs seem to point to a first fight early next year,’

The report estimates that the first fight between the two could reach a record $300 million, while a rematch in the fall of next year could be up to $500 million.


Now remember this can all go bad in the snap of a finger as it has numerous times. Both Mayweather and Pacquiao have to win their upcoming bouts against Marcos Maidana and Chris Algieri respectively.

With Pacquiao being 35 and Mayweather 37 this is the last chance we will have to watch this once “super fight.” Hopefully these two can just make it happen as the sport of boxing needs this more than anything.