Posted August 31, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Nike Made An Offer That Kevin Durant Cant Refuse [Details]

Everyone thought it was a done deal when Under Armour offered Kevin Durant a 10 year $285 million contract.

Well Nike recently flexed their muscles and apparently offered Durant a monster deal.

The exact offer is not known but according to ESPN, the Nike deal would pay Durant more than he would make playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder the next 2 seasons. ($41.2 million)

According to ESPN, Analyst Omar Saad had no doubt that Nike would end up keeping Durant in the family.

“For Nike, this was nothing to them,” Saad said. “They could easily build Durant’s business enough, assuming normal margins, where they could generate a cash flow of $60 million a year. And Nike is really good at monetizing its marketing assets, way better than anyone else.”

Either way KD is going to get paid! Let us know what you guys think