Posted August 28, 2014 by Victoria in Movies & TV

The Purge is Real and Coming to a City Near You!! [Photo]

Lately there’s been talk all over the social networks about ‘The Purge’. The hit movie that’s entire premise is based on 24 hours of crime and killing without being charged for it. There are no emergency services available and everyone is allowed to take part. There have been pictures circulating stating the date and time of The Purge for each city. Purge NJ took place not too long ago and several people told me they saw people running through the streets with masks on. Some slashed tires, some broke car windows, and others chased people down the street. What is the world coming to? Clearly some people just shouldn’t watch movies. I’ve seen a lot of crazy videos from Louisville from the night of the Purge, a lot of readings declared that the crime rate was higher that night than any other night. Check out this Louisville news coverage. Although all of the Purge dates have seemed to pass, be careful, because we never know which movie people will try and emulate next.

Check out the the gallery for more pictures of Purge dates as well.