Posted August 27, 2014 by BlueMagic in News

‘Cops’ TV Crew Member Killed During Filming Episode (Details)

For you that always thought “Cops” was a staged show, this clearly shows the latter. During filming an episode in Omaha, Nebraska they responded to a robbery of a Wendy’s. Upon arrival, the situation emerged into a shootout. CBS News reports that 30 shots was fired… all by police:


The robbery suspect was apparently only carrying an Airsoft gun, a non-lethal weapon which shoots plastic projectiles, officials said.

The suspect was an unidentified parolee from Kansas, according to the paper.

No officers were hit, and police said no other suspects are being sought. The “Cops” crew member and the suspect were taken to Nebraska Medical Center just a few blocks away. The crew member was reportedly in critical condition. Police announced Tuesday night that the suspect had been pronounced dead at the hospital. The World-Herald reported the crew member had died Wednesday morning.

Basically a BB Gun sparked the gun fight. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the crew member family and friends. Leave us your thoughts on this sad story.