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Review: Trillectro Keeps It Trill Proving It’s Not Your Regular Music Festival [Editorial]

Music Festivals have become the staple of spring and summer. Every year, people from all over the world spend around $200 or more on tickets and travel expenses to spend the weekend in a desert, Texas, the windy city, NYC or Benjamin Franklin Park to catch their favorite artist on stage.

Given, I’m not a fan of the lack of cellphone service, overly priced food & drinks, abundance of people in one giving area (unless you opt for the VIP ticket instead of GA), or how easily it is to loose track of your friends in a blink of a eye; it’s a experience all music lovers should experience at least once in their lifetime.

So when considering an invitation to the Trillectro Music Festival in Washington DC this past weekend I expected the same experience as any other music festival. To my surprise it didn’t pan out that way.

Trillectro delivered a uniqueness in it’s self much like its origins. Birthed from a popular college rap blog, DC to BC, the environment doesn’t give you the feel of your typical music festival.

If anything it feels as if your at a chaotic Hip Hop/ EDM party giving it a certain charm. Even in the poring rain spectators could be captured fist pumping and “Shmoney” dancing all over the RFK Stadium Festival Grounds.

The Trillecto line-ups not only do a good job of capturing Hip-Hop’s riotous spirit but also serves as a kind of “Who’s Next” type of music festival. In it’s first two years you could catch the performances of  (at the time) up-and-coming artist, A$AP Freg, Schoolboy Q, and Flosstradamus. Now the founders find themselves adding the big festival practices in its third year with it’s growth in popularity.

For example, severing as this years Headlines were Detroit native Big Sean and the producer of the infamous “Harlem Shake” viral epidemic Baauer.

There were some amazing highlights at this years show. TDE’s SZA who delivered a stellar R&B set with a live band. The Teenage Mississippi “No Flex Zone” duo Rae Sremmurd climbed on speakers and rode skateboards across the stage during their set. Followed by Atlanta based trio, Migos, who brought nothing but energy as they preformed a medley of hit from “Handsome & Wealthy” to “Fight Night”. And a rather shirtless Fat Trel that took the time to speak on Michael Brown and Ferguson followed by a statement that that pretty much said “F– the police”. Other acts included Travis Scott, Lightshow, Ras Neby, Tabi Bonney and more.

If Trillectro continues to grow in popularity at the rate it has in the past three years. Then it too has a chance of becoming one of the staple music festivals people from all over flock to during the summer.

Check out photos from the event in the gallery above.

Travis Scott

[Photo Credit: twitter/instagram/Lauren Williams]