Posted August 25, 2014 by Victoria in Entertainment News

OMG! Celebrities Are Human Too?? Are the Rumors Put to Rest? [Photo]

Beyoncé has been going through a lot lately, dealing with all the media surrounding her personal life. There’s been allegations of Jay-Z cheating on Beyoncé, rumors that Beyoncé’s ‘surrogate’ has stepped up and admitted she carried her baby, and rumors of Jay and Bey splitting and going their separate ways.

Last night on the VMA’s, we saw both Jay- Z and Beyoncé under the spotlight and after hearing all these rumors, as I watched Beyoncé sing to Blue Ivy towards the end of her performance, I questioned all the rumors and began to feel remorseful. Beyoncé sang her heart out, without any care of who was watching, she was only focused on the two people that mattered most, Jay and Blue. We could only imagine what it’s like to live in the limelight, everyone’s eyes always on you, no room for flaws.

Her performance was entertaining, sexy, fun, and heartfelt. As Beyoncé put all of her emotions in each song, it was truly incredible. After her performance her family took to the stage to present her with the Vanguard Video Award and you could see all the love and happiness in their eyes as they celebrated her for her achievements and each other for their strength and togetherness. Jay Z and Beyoncé looked closer than ever. What did you guys think of her performance? Make sure to check out the gallery for exclusive photos.

Source: Robyn Beck USAToday ,  Jordan Strauss