Posted August 21, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

NFL Is Refusing To Pay Their Cheerleaders Minimum Wage

Between this and asking performers of the Super Bowl Halftime Show to pay to perform, the NFL are really, really, starting to look like everything that is wrong with this country. Really rich and WAY too damn greedy.

As some of the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders try to fight JUST to get minimum wage as they perform their jobs, the nation’s most popular and richest sport is saying they have no intentions on doing so because they say they are “immune to state labor laws.”

According to NBC Sports,

The NFL rebuttal, filed on Aug. 5 in Alameda County Superior Court, argues that because the California Supreme Court found that players cannot bring antitrust claims against their teams, the NFL, therefore, is immune from state labor laws.

The Oakland Raiders has responded by revisiting their contracts and giving them minimum wage for the time being.

For the first time this season, the Raiders offered the cheerleaders a new contract, and began paying the Raiderettes $9 an hour – California’s minimum wage – for the first time for all the hours they work. Before this, the cheerleaders were paid $125 per game, and hadn’t received compensation for anything beyond that.

I understand the business side of things, but part of the problems with the economy in this country is this very thing. Big, successful businesses refuse to pay their workers a suitable pay rate.

Of course their argument probably won’t hold up in court, but it is interesting to see their stance on paying the people that allow their product to be the most entertaining of any sport.