Posted August 21, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Former NFL Quarterback Vince Young Shares His Biggest Regret

Vince Young was on a local radio show in Texas called The Lowdown with Alex Loeb.

Addressing a few things about his college and profession football careers, Young discussed his experience in the NFL and why it made such a turn for the worst. He addressed what he felt he would do different if he was faced with the situation to leave college again or jump to the NFL.

“It was very close. The Texans had the No. 1 pick, that was the place I wanted to play at. I wish they would’ve told me that they weren’t picking me because I would’ve stayed for my senior year. But it didn’t happen like that. Being a kid watching the Oilers all my life, I had the opportunity to play for them, it was a dream come true as well.”

It’s an interesting take. What if the Houston Texans took Vince Young instead of Mario Williams, would Young still be in the league? Would he have fulfilled his potential with Andre Johnson at wide receiver waiting for his passes. It’s sad to see his life take that turn for the worst.