Posted August 18, 2014 by Victoria in Lifestyle

Unarmed teen Mike Brown, Hit 6 Times!! [Video]

This past weekend, the 1st of 3 autopsy’s have been done on Mike Brown. The young African American male shot and killed by Caucasian officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson. Dr. Michael M. Baden performed the autopsy that shows he’s been shot 6 times. 4 times in the arm and 2 times in the head. This morning, CNN spoke with Dr. Cyril Wecht medical-legal consultant to get an accurate interpretation of the diagram and explain just how Mike could have been shot. Dr. Cyril explained that one thing you can’t determine is the sequence of shots, especially because there are no bullet wounds from the back and as the story goes, Mike was running away with his back facing officer Wilson before turning around, which tells us that all shots hit him while he was facing officer Wilson. Dr. Cyril also makes note of Mike’s height because Mike was 6 foot 3 inches tall, the shots to his head had to be while Mike was hunched over, unless Darren Wilson is taller than 6’3. He also says that it’s difficult to determine how Mike’s arms were and which way he was facing because it all depends on how his arms are while running, you can surely tell that Mike was running, ducking and moving from the location of the shots. They also mentioned the issue of gun powder residue, in which Dr. Cyril determined that you would have to examine the clothing, but because he assumes Mike was wearing light weight material, summer attire, the gun powder wouldn’t have necessarily remained on his clothing. Check out this clip from CNN as well as the Photo Gallery for more photos.

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